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"Fahd Alhattab is still one of the greatest, inspirational, and thoughtful people I have heard speak to this day."
- Student

The perfect speaker for your leadership event.

Fahd has inspired over 50,000 students.

Trusted by 118 schools and organizations

ENGAGING: Delivers humorous and engaging storytelling that captivates students

IMPACTFUL: Empowers your students to become leaders and  make an impact in their community

AFFORDABLE: He will work within your budget and provide cost-saving solutions

VIRTUAL: Equipped with technology to offer all speaking services and workshops virtually so students can be inspired to become leaders from the comfort of their homes

RISK-FREE: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Keynote Topics

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Accelerated Leadership: Unlocking Student Leadership Potential

Ideal for leadership groups and camps, leadership conferences, and full school assemblies.

Every student has leadership potential if they know how to use it. In this inspiring keynote, Fahd shares his personal journey of student leadership to motivate students to become leaders on campus. 


From his time as the President of Carleton University Students' Union and his growth as a student entrepreneur, Fahd’s first-hand experience of student leadership shapes this engaging keynote with applicable tools and lessons for your students. 


This talk will have your students laughing and leaving inspired to grow in their leadership journey and increase their community impact.

Topics covered:

  • The 5-levels of leadership students must climb to achieve their maximum potential 

  • The importance of diversity and inclusion

  • How to improve decision-making skills

  • How to take action and make an impact in your community

  • How to build resiliency and overcome obstacles


"Fahd was incredible. His life stories were relevant, engaging and humorous. His overall delivery was exceptional. In fact, the very best that I have seen in my 38 years in education. As a school team, we are putting a huge focus on student leadership. Fahd said that yes, he could help us. He delivered tenfold -The staff and the students were so positive about the hour spent with Fahd! A super rock star presenter!"


Studet Success


Your School Needs You: Leading Change in Your Community

Ideal for fall orientation, welcome back week, residence orientation, and student orientation.

The first step to leadership is believing in yourself and your ability to make an impact in your school and community. 


In this inspiring and humorous keynote, Fahd shares a personal journey of self-development packed with lessons on fundamental personal development principles. This keynote digs deep into the topics of school and community culture and empowers youth to take action and create a remarkable positive impact in their community. 


Students will learn how to push past limiting beliefs, create their own path to success, and help their community along the way.

Topics covered:

  • Tools to develop as a leader and become your best self

  • The importance of staying positive in negative situations 

  • The importance of getting involved in extra-curricular activities  

  • The importance of diversity and inclusion

  • How to take action and make an impact in your school community

  • How to build resiliency and overcome obstacles


"We had used Fahd for several events when we wanted to make an impact with the message we asked him to share. He has a natural charisma, the charm of youth, and wisdom that exceeds his years. When our students hear him speak, they are enamoured with his storytelling, as they are inspired to dream about how they can shape their lives and the world around them."

JOHN UNSWORTH, Head of Students Services



Social Impact, Entrepreneurship, and Building Your Own Path

Ideal for career day assemblies, full school assemblies, student orientations, leadership groups, and clubs.

Entrepreneurship has gained popularity as a viable career path, but many students are unclear what it actually means to be an entrepreneur.


In this educational keynote, Fahd tackles that question by exposing students to the breadth of entrepreneurship opportunities available to them. Whether an artist, speaker, developer, engineer, athlete, or content creator, Fahd will share that all entrepreneurs have a superpower: creative problem-solving. 


This keynote blends humor, personal experiences, and clear action items that will set your students on a path to solve problems within their community as creative, social, and innovative entrepreneurs.

Topics covered:

  • The definition of an entrepreneur

  • The path to entrepreneurship

  • How to identify and take action on issues you care about 

  • How to be a better and creative problem-solver

  • How to practice social entrepreneurship in their school and community today

  • How to stay motivated, inspired, and resilient 

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 9.19.11 PM.png

Fahd's sincere joyfulness had my students hooked from the moment he walked out to greet them.  His energy is infectious! He clearly messaged to my students they have within them the ability to change someone's life in a positive way and in doing so change their life for the better too. It's a win-win when you share what you have no matter how little you have.


Personal Development


Fail Forward: Reimagining Failure as a Catalyst for Personal Growth

Ideal for leadership conferences, entrepreneurship conferences, student orientations, and welcome week.

Significant growth happens in your 20s, especially for those who dare to be different. But when a risk results in failure, will you have the tools to triumph and continue reaching for the stars?


Flipping the script on its head, Fahd engages your audience with thrilling stories of leadership triumph that ultimately end in failures and disasters. This keynote will teach the audience how to step outside their comfort zone and embrace, instead of fear, failure.


Using research, clinical studies, and personal experiences as an entrepreneur, this keynote will educate the audience on how to be resilient in their lives and careers.

Topics covered:

  • The ultimate success formula for risk-takers 

  • The importance of goal planning and perseverance 

  • The powerful effect of stepping outside of your comfort zone 

  • How to apply creativity in all facets of life

  • How to navigate negative self-talk and believe in yourself 

  • How to build resiliency and overcome obstacles

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Fahd’s talks are a wonderful balance of humour, authenticity and introspection, that leave the audience feeling empowered and inspired. His message resonated with both the student mentees and the alumni mentors alike.

KRISTEN McCLOSKEY, Carleton University

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