"The very best speaker I have seen in my 38 years in education."


- Principal

The perfect speaker for professional development day.

Fahd has inspired over 50,000 students.

Trusted by 118 schools and organizations

ENGAGING: Delivers humorous and engaging storytelling that captivates students

IMPACTFUL: Empowers your students to become leaders and  make an impact in their community

AFFORDABLE: He will work within your budget and provide cost-saving solutions

VIRTUAL: Equipped with technology to offer all training services and workshops virtually

RISK-FREE: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Keynote and Workshop Topics


5 Steps to Fostering Student Leadership Capacity

Ideal for PD training, teacher conferences, parent councils, and educator workshops.

As a teacher or a parent, you want to see your students succeed. In this practical keynote, Fahd will equip your audience with the tools to maximize a student/child's leadership potential. 


Using anecdotes from his personal journey in community development, social innovation, and leadership, Fahd will teach the audience how to apply the 5-levels leadership framework to develop youth as leaders.  


Fahd has used these methodologies to redesign 16 University Academic Courses to integrate leadership in Social Science and Arts Bachelor Studies.

Topics Covered:

  • Techniques on how to lead by example 

  • How to develop students into leaders using learned training techniques 

  • How to empower students to take ownership of projects and make a community impact

  • How to motivate students to find innovative solutions to problems 

  • How to educate students on diversity and inclusion 

  • Research on how leadership helps students development


"Fahd was incredible. His life stories were relevant, engaging and humorous. His overall delivery was exceptional. In fact, the very best that I have seen in my 38 years in education. As a school team, we are putting a huge focus on student leadership. Fahd said that yes, he could help us. He delivered tenfold -The staff and the students were so positive about the hour spent with Fahd! A super rock star presenter!"




Building Resiliency: Priming Teenagers for Challenges and Change

Ideal for PD training, teacher conferences, parent councils, and educator workshops.

Teenage years come with significant growth and independence. As parents and teachers, how can you help them navigate change? 


Using research, clinical studies, and personal experiences as an entrepreneur, this keynote will educate the audience on how to build a resilient teenager. 


Flipping the script on its head, Fahd engages your audience with thrilling stories of leadership triumph that ultimately end in failures and disasters. This keynote will teach the audience how to encourage teenagers to step outside their comfort zone and embrace, instead of fear, failure.

Topics covered:

  • Habit-forming framework for students

  • How to teach teenagers the difference between growth versus fixed mindsets 

  • How to mark for effort versus results

  • Why resilience is important and how to build resilient students

  • How to educate students on diversity and inclusion


"We had used Fahd for several events when we wanted to make an impact with the message we asked him to share. He has a natural charisma, the charm of youth, and wisdom that exceeds his years. When our students hear him speak, they are enamoured with his storytelling, as they are inspired to dream about how they can shape their lives and the world around them."

JOHN UNSWORTH, Head of Students Services


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Making A Difference and Unraveling School Culture

Ideal for career day assemblies, full school assemblies, student orientations, leadership groups or clubs. 

Educators and parents are the glue that binds a school culture. So, how can we support them in strengthening the school community? 


In this inspiring keynote, Fahd will train your teachers and parents to apply the fundamental principles of organizational change to their community at school. This talk will empower educators to create a positive impact in their community and go above their call of duty.


The audience will leave this talk inspired to push past their limiting beliefs, redefine their school community, and help each other along the way.

Topics covered:

  • How to create a conscious culture in the classroom 

  • How to create a culture of self-leadership that rewards star performers

  • How to apply basic team-building principles to teaching 

  • How to align your staff and students to a shared purpose 

  • How to motivate students to get more involved in their school and community

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Fahd's sincere joyfulness had my students hooked from the moment he walked out to greet them.  His energy is infectious! He clearly messaged to my students they have within them the ability to change someone's life in a positive way and in doing so change their life for the better too. It's a win-win when you share what you have no matter how little you have.