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An Old Leader's Creed

"O fellow leaders!

I have been placed in a position of great responsibility to be guardian over you, though I am not the best among you.

If I act well, then assist me, and if I act badly, then correct me.

Truthfulness is a trust and lying is treachery.

The weak among you is strong in my sight until I restore his right to him.

The strong among you is weak in my sight until I reclaim the rights of the oppressed from him.

Follow me so long as I follow a path of truth, solidarity and are continuously in the pursuit of greatness for all.

If I disobey my commitment , you owe me no allegiance. For our positions are of great responsibility."

Who said it? I'll leave that up to you to find out.

But what can we conclude from this ancient creed?

Leadership is a responsibility.

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