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To Begin, Begin

How do you begin?

The answer is quite simple, you begin.

How do you jump into the freezing water? You jump.

How do you start writing a 300-page novel? You write.

Many a time we get stuck strategizing, plotting, analyzing, organizing and re-organizing.

I get stuck researching, I always say, "well I want to know the BEST way of doing it." While there is merit to doing research, and value in strategizing, many of us spend time strategizing on how to do the best research.

This cycle is caused by the same fear we have when we're deciding to jump off a 12-meter cliff.

Mel Robbins has a simple solution. Countdown by 5 and begin. The counting down creates a neurological response, where your mind clears and focuses on the task at hand.

So what have you been putting off till tomorrow?







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