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Write Your Own Book

I've always found enjoyment in reading biographies. Learning the stories of the great men and women who lived, accomplished, led and changed the world. I was still so impressed by how accomplished these individuals were. That someone would write their biography. An author would take the time to write the details of their triumphs and failures. And the world would read it.

I'd always wished, "one day, someone will write my biography…."

Until the day a mentor of mine flipped the script on me.

He said, "The author doesn't write the biography, they simply report on the individual's life story."

"We write our own stories."

Every day we write a new page, and every season a new chapter. Every emotion we choose to feel. Every thought we decide to let linger. Every decision we make, and every obstacle we face, are the pen strokes in our biography.

Now it's your turn to choose -

Complain. Be a victim. Watch others create. Talk about talking action - turn to page 105

Act now. Be bold. Create the path you want. Live - turn to page 65

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